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Chances are, we're a little different than what you may be used to.  We've found a lot of success over the years by combining the best of what makes many types of agencies great. 

We're in a small town where we know our local clientele.  Our kids go to the same schools as many of our client's children do.  We attend churches that are active in our communities.  We sponsor Little League and Youth Football.  We've been coaches and scout leaders.  We find importance in personal relationships, and consider our clients as members of our family - and treat them the way we'd like to be treated. 

At the same time, we put a very high priority on educating our employees, investing in our systems and in our office. We stress professionalism with our staff and strive to offer service at the highest level. 

If you're considering our agency as your source for your insurance coverage, we feel that it is important to understand a few things:

  • We like to reinvent the wheel with our new clients.  If you simply want an "apples to apples" quote on your insurance, you may not get what you were hoping for.  We can't assume that the coverage you have now is correct, and if it's not - why on earth would you want to duplicate it?  We want to have a conversation... Ask questions... And learn what it is that you need.  Then, craft coverages that address those needs and seek the best, most cost-effective solution that we can find.
  • We want to protect your assets - all of them.  This can't be done properly by "spreading the wealth", or keeping different sources for your coverage as a way of "keeping your agent honest".  In fact, if you feel you have to keep someone honest, why are you working with them at all?  When we partner with a client it is to look at all areas that may affect them... Property, Casualty, Health, Life, etc..  There is very little that we can't do and when taking care of you holistically, we can be much more successful in doing our job.
  • We work with a lot of companies.  So whether assisting you with personal or business insurance, we have a lot of "tools in the shed."  This means we can offer you the best products at the best prices.
  • We have systems in place to streamline your experience with us.  Our client portal (just ask, we'll get you signed up) allows you to access your policy documents anytime online.  Do you have a list of things that you'd like to store electronically (receipts, home inventory), you have free storage on our client portal.  Need a certificate, or ID card?  Complete a web form on our site and you'll have it in minutes.
  • Claims and the fast, fair payment of them is the main reason we exist.  We walk you through the claims process step by step to ensure that the company that we have placed you with honors their promise and meets their obligations.
  • We take a risk management approach with every client we have.  Often, prevention is much better than insurance.  We're not afraid to let you know when those instances arise.
  • We act with honesty and integrity and expect the same in return.  We've all done stupid things... many of them covered (or should have been) by insurance.  If you have some skeletons in the closet, inform us.  The more information we have up front, the better we can deal with it.  If you've had losses, let us know.  It saves you time and frustration (and potential embarrassment).

In short, we feel it is important to implement best practices at all levels.  As an insurance agency, there are only four things that we can offer you:

  1. Better Coverage - a thorough review of your exposures and your current coverage can fix that.
  2. Better Service - we feel that we are well positioned with our automation, our procedures, and our education to be able to offer you an improvement here.
  3. Better Price - Without sacrificing coverage and service, we are confident with the number of companies that we work with, that we can offer the most competitive rates for the policies that we provide
  4. Better Relationship - Insurance is a relationship business forged in trust and sharpened over time by a positive customer experience.

We seek to continually EARN your business and your loyalty.


219 South Catherine Street | Montour Falls, NY 14865
Toll Free: 888-847-4353 | Local: 607-535-6501
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