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Halloween is just days away.  Kids and adults alike look forward to the silly costumes, spooky themes, and good times.

But the fun can be easily ruined when the right safety precautions aren’t taken. To limit risks and help ensure your Halloween fun, keep these tips in mind.

Pumpkin Carving Safety – Don’t let children use sharp carving tools. For younger children, either have them draw their design on the pumpkin and then carve it for them, or just have them paint their pumpkin instead. They may enjoy the chance to use different colors and designs anyway.

Whether you’re carving or painting, be prepared to make a mess!

If you light your pumpkin with a candle, do not leave the flame unattended or near flammable objects like curtains or decorations. Keep the flame out of reach from both kids and pets. You may even consider lighting your pumpkin with a battery powered candle or a flashlight, which is safer than using a candle.

Trick-Or-Treat Safety – While trick-or-treating, everyone should carry a flashlight or have a glow stick for visibility and safety. Keep to the sidewalks rather than cutting through yards or alleys, and use crosswalks to get across the street.

Your kids are probably pretty excited about dressing up but make sure that their costumes are practical. 

  • Store-bought costumes are often made of thin material, so if it’s cold out, have them wear their costumes over some warmer layers.